My name is Kyle. I am a little bit crazy…or a lot maybe! I love to do fun things, unusual things, things that are memorable and take me away from my dull daily life. I love to take crazy pictures, try new things, and just have fun.

I love music. I am a terrible singer, but I always have a song in my head and on my tongue. I love American country music legend Dolly Parton…if you don’t know her, I can teach you. I am also an avid Eurovision fan. I go to the show live every year. It’s always a ton of fun.

For my job, I’m a lawyer. I do immigration work sometimes, but mostly I help companies provide retirement income (like pensions and stuff) for their employees. It is not glamorous, but it is important work, and it pays the bills.

My biggest hobby is … board games. I am an avid collector and love to play them. This may seem strange, but it’s actually a lot of fun.

I have lots of pictures here. They are a random collection of various things over the years. They are not super-recent. I prefer to put them on facebook. But one thing – I am not really a drag queen or anything like that. I have lots of drag pictures, but they are really just for fun. I don’t really go around like that other than for “special occasions.”

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