Singer: Gabriela Guncikova

Song: I Stand

Performing: First Semi-Final

Memorable Line: “I’ve made mistakes with the monsters in my head.”

Chances: Will qualify for the final but will finish in the bottom five.

Link: Czech Republic 2016

Rating: 2 rolls of astro-turf +2 flower headdresses + 1 creepy crystal shadow hand + 1 ruined diary + 1  pile of crystal pyramids + 1 handfull of glitter =  (total is 8) of 10!


I actually quite like this song!  It is deep, dark, meaningful, and Gabriela performs it masterfully!

I can’t really talk about the song without mentioning the flower headdress she wears in her video!  While we’re there, she has one of the strangest music videos of the year…whether it’s her dropping her diary into the lake, contending with a shadow hand, rubbing crystals off her lips, or rolling around on astro-turf, this video is something of a hot mess.  Let’s hope she brings the headdress to Stockholm and leaves all the other weird things at home!Czech

This song reminds me somewhat of the Polish entry last year, which everyone seemed to love but which did not do particularly well in the final.  While the lyrics are strong and Gabriela can certainly sing, the song lacks any sort of memorable moment.  And while it is certainly a good song, it runs the risk of being forgotten between when it is performed and when the voting starts.

On the other hand, the Czech Republic surprised me last year with its creative staging.  So perhaps they will give Gabriela enough backing to cause her to stick in people’s minds.

In short, while I’m certainly buying everything Gabriela is selling, I don’t suspect she will get very far with this.  I do expect her to qualify for the final, but I don’t expect her to get above 23rd place.

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