Singer: Lighthouse X

Song: Soldiers of Love

Performing: Second Semi-Final

Memorable Line: “Take my hand and never let go and let’s be soldiers of love.”

Chances: Will not qualify for the final.

Link: Denmark 2016

Rating: 2 Unbreakable Soldiers (out of 10)!


Well…so…this song is total crap.  Did someone ask for Blue again?

Other than being catchy, I can’t find a single redeeming virtue of the Danish entry this year.  The song is utter drivel.  The song feels like an attempt to bring back that Nineties Boy Band sound, but the world and its tastes have moved on.  Also, these “boys” are a bit old for this kind of music.

The performance quickly devolves into just chanting “soldiers of love” on repeat.  And the rest of the lyrics are just awful, almost toothache inducing.  And when combined with the mediocre vocals and out-dated score, this song deserves to finish at the very bottom of its semi-final.

Unlike Azerbaijan, for example, which was an equally saccharine song but at least an enjoyable performance, the Danish entry lacks any kind of charm.  Let’s hope it is quickly buried and stays that way!




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