Singer: Jamie-Lee

Song: Ghost

Performing: Auto-qualified for Final

Memorable Line: “A money chest full of love (but we hid the key).”

Chances: Bottom 5 in the show, top 3 for the Barbara Dex Award!

Link: Germany 2016

Rating: 6 alternate endings (out of 10)!


Well, on one hand, this song is obviously not taking itself very seriously.  And Jamie-Lee is a shoe-in to win the coveted Barbara Dex Award.

“Ghost” is actually not such a bad song, and I don’t mind Jamie-Lee’s voice, although it sounds like she is deliberately singing off key at some parts.

The lyrics are a bit nonsensical, but then again, the whole performance is a bit nonsensical.

Actually, when I think about it objectively, this song does everything I always hope for in a Eurovision number.  It is not soppy and it is memorable, and the singer sells it on the stage.  Yet, still, I don’t love it.  Sorry Jaime-Lee!  However, I suspect it will grow on me as I listen to it more.

In terms of their final placing, Germany probably won’t do very well.  Their song is a little too odd to capture the mainstream votes, but it’s not odd enough to impress those who love the unusual.  I suspect it will do better than last year’s 0 points, but not by much.  I fear this song has just a ghost of a chance!


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