Singer: Hovi Star

Song: Made of Stars

Performing: Second Semi-Final

Memorable Line: “A million faces tied in chains, you ride a black horse in the rain!”

Chances: Will qualify, top 10!

Link: Israel 2016

Rating: 9 UFO hover-drones (out of 10)!


I remember when I first heard the first version of this song, and I thought it was a total disaster.  Then, they revamped it and made it absolutely amazing!  I cannot get enough of this song.

I don’t even know what it is about the song that I love so much.  The piano, the moving vocals, the sombre yet inviting tone, or the adorable Hovi Star who sings it!  It is a perfect combination, and I adore it!

Far from your usual Eurovision Kum Ba Yah number, “Made of Stars” manages to spread love and humanity without being preachy or sappy.  And Hovi delivers the performance perfectly.

I hope hope hope this will do well.  Far less deserving songs have done far better in the past, but Hovi deserves a top 10 finish!  Let’s hope Europe agrees!

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