Singer: Fracesca Micheilin

Song: No Degree of Separation

Performing: Auto-qualifier

Memorable Line: “We are stars aligned together dancing through the sky, we are shining.”

Chances: Bottom 5.

Link: Italy 2016

Rating: 5 color changing diamonds (out of 10)!



That pretty much sums up my feelings for this song.  Italy, which has been a source of great songs in recent years, really dropped the pass-along balloon with this song.

There is nothing offensive or bad about the song.  Francesca sings well and dresses up nicely, but the song itself just never seems to go anywhere: it is singing just for the sake of singing.

I just don’t think I can say anything about this song.  I listened to it 1 minute ago and have already forgotten absolutely everything about it.  It is perfect background music for something more fun, but to watch someone sing it live on stage for 3 minutes will require me to drink at least 2 red bulls!

Unfortunately, between this and the relatively strong series of Italian entries since 2011, there are about 70 degrees of separation!

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