Singer: Martina Barta

Song: My Turn

Performing: First Semi-Final

Memorable Line: “You know that I love it when you call, just to say hello, oh oh”

Chances: Might qualify because some other songs are worse, but bottom half if it makes it to the final.

Link: Czech Republic 2017

Rating: 5 nearly-naked people with skin-colored undies (out of 10).

Ok, so in terms of strange Eurovision videos, the Czech Republic seems to be shaping up to be Europe’s leader.  Last year they had that really strange video with the diary, flowers, and triangles, and this year we have a bunch of naked people groping each other.  Not sure what goes on in their minds…

Looking at the song, it is very much middle of the road.   The singing is strong (though heavily accented), the lyrics seem to be positive and upbeat.  But the song is quite forgettable, the lyrics repetitive, and the message mundane.  I don’t hate it, but I have trouble keeping it in my head between listens.  “My Turn” feels more the domain of a lounge singer than Eurovision.

If this qualifies, it will be because the first semi-final has many mediocre songs.  Perhaps this will be less-mediocre than 8 other numbers, and it could make it through.  However, this is bottom of the pack in the final, assuming it makes it there.

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