Singer: IVAN

Song: Help you Fly

Performing: Second Semi-Final

Memorable Line: “It’s time you released yourself before you can let go”

Chances: Will not qualify for the final.

Link: Belarus 2016

Rating: 3 (wolf moon) spirit wolves (out of 10), unless he really shows up naked with a wolf, and then it’s a 7!


This song is a mess from start to finish.

And what’s up with the wolves?  They don’t exactly fit with the song!  I just don’t get it!  Especially if the song is about learning how to fly…perhaps wolves fly in Minsk?  However, my opinion of IVAN will do a 180 if he shows up at the opening ceremony in a three wolf moon shirt!


I don’t want to bash this song, because it is at least unpretentious.  Unlike the entries from Albania and Azerbaijan, the Belorussian entry at least seems not to be taking itself seriously.

Also, pay attention!  Starting at about 2:15, we have our first good misheard lyric for the year, as the poor quality of IVAN’s backup singers makes it sound like the line goes “Then you can f***ing fly!”  Oops!

And then we really can’t go any farther without discussing the moment at  2:27 IVAN goes into a sudden and unexpected falsetto.  Far from amazing, it is certainly surprising.

However, it appears from sources that IVAN is planning to perform naked and use a live wolf in his performance.  While I strongly suspect EBU will not allow this, the audacity of such a move would take the song from a 3 to a 7 for me.  blrwolves001

Let’s hope IVAN is able to be as wild as he wants this year.  And while I don’t expect great things from this song, let’s wait and see if IVAN can give it wings!


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