Alright, now we have looked at all the songs of this year’s Eurovision.  Let’s look at a couple other things now.

First, it’s time for “Mace-donut Award!”

This award (formerly known as the “Light Shampoo” award is given to the Eurovision performer with the best/worst mondegreen (i.e. misheard lyrics).  It was named after Kaliopi’s lovely (and under-rated) number from last year, in which it sounded like she was singing an ode to Krispy Kreme.

Sadly, there are not so many amazing ones this time around.  However, we have a few nominees. Be sure you check the links (and just listen…don’t watch lips):

All these are strong nominees.  However, I think the award goes to Timebelle from Switzerland.  Even if they aren’t as enthusiastic about baked goods as Kaliopi was, their dismay at unexpected yet free-flowing urination brings a smile to my face!  If you listen to the whole song with the idea that the singer is singing about holding it in, it gets even better!  She’ll never let it go, after all!

Mea Culpa!

This is where I make a confession.  There is a song that I poo-pooed back when I started this series.  At that time, the song had just a boring lyric video, and I was unconvinced at its staying power.  However, since then, the singer has come out with a music video and a couple live performances, and I have grown to enjoy the song a lot.  This is Bulgaria.  It has now risen much higher in my estimation.  I was wrong about it, it’s pretty spectacular!


Next, let me make my ill-fated predictions for who will qualify for the finals, after spending time with all the songs:

Semi Final 1 Qualifier Predictions:

Australia, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Finland, Greece, Iceland, Montenegro, Poland, Portugal, Sweden

Semi Final 2 Qualifier Predictions:

Belarus, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Macedonia, Netherlands, Romania, Serbia, Switzerland, Estonia

Actual Final Top 5:

Winner:  Italy

2nd Place: Belgium

3rd Place: Romania

4th Place: Bulgaria

5th Place: Sweden
Of course, I am notorious for ALWAYS being wrong, so don’t bet any money!

My Personal Favorites:

Next up, let’s talk about my top 10 songs for the year.  Click on the country name for a link!

Number 10: Netherlands

Number 9: Germany

Number 8: Malta

Number 7: Belgium

Number 6: Belarus

Number 5: Iceland

Number 4: Bulgaria

Number 3: Croatia

Number 2: Italy

Number 1: Romania

Now, that’s surely not how it’s going to shake out on May 13, and this is of course based exclusively on the videos and album performances…I am sure the live shows at the semi-finals will change my mind somewhat, but there you have it!

By the way, if you want help figuring out your favorites, use this handy tool.

And with that, this month and a half project is over!  I hope you have enjoyed this journey!  I hope those who can will take some time and tune in for the final on May 13 at least!

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