Today starts our daily discussion of 2016’s Eurovision entries.  I will try to do one each day, though I am sure travel and work will prevent me for perfection in that department.  However, I’ll do my best.


The arbitrary order I have chosen to use this year is alphabetical.  This makes it less likely that I will miss a country!


So, without further delay, let’s get started.


First up is ALBANIA:

Singer: Eneda Tarifa

Song: Fairytale

Performing: Second Semi-Final

Memorable Line: “That’s why I love you, oo-oo!”

Chances: About the same as those of a fairytale villain!

Link: Albania 2016

Rating: 3 papercuts (from the fairytale book) out of 10.

This song is just a disaster.  It is not catchy, not memorable, and just not good.  From the opening refrain until the last cord, it’s mostly just annoying.  From the first line “This tale of love” you know you are in for yet another sappy love-centered song.  From the video, it looks like the fairytale Eneda has chosen is “Little Red Riding Hood” — but sadly, this is one fairytale that does not have a happy ending.  Maybe her goal was to put the wolf to sleep?


Though Eneda sings that “the message is love can bring change,” this is something that has been done, redone, and overdone in Eurovision.  The song quickly devolves into repetitious “that’s why I love you, oo-oo” and never recovers.  Most of the song is just vocalization.  Eneda may be a good singer, but this song simply does not focus her talent at all.  Fortunately, that means someone more deserving can advance to the final.  Even more fortunate is that this means we will only have to hear it once!


From the country that gave us “Suus” and “I’m Alive” in recent years, I think we can expect more!  Come on, Albania, make me love you next year.

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