Singer: Iveta Mukuchyan

Song: LoveWave

Performing: First Semi-Final

Memorable Line: “You shook my life like an earthquake now I’m waking up!”

Chances: See you in the final!  She should come in about the middle of the pack.

Link: Armenia 2016

Rating: 6 on the Love-Richter Scale (out of 10)!


Initially, I was not a fan of this song.  However, much like the earthquake it describes, I quickly woke up to it!  Is it a bit cheesy?  Of course!  Lots of electronic sounds, lots of cheap but catchy vocalizations, yet the combination of strange lyrics, great vocals, and interesting images some how manages to sell it.  All of a sudden, my heart is going ba-ba-da-bu-who-oh-oh!

Rather than taking sappy images of love being a redeeming or motivating force, Iveta’s lovewave is something deeper, more shocking, and more destructive.  Once she encounters this type of emotion, she is shaken to the core and forever changed.  And I think the upbeat tempo and catchy vocalizations help capture this image and drive it home.

The song starts off slow, then suddenly it picks up, delivering memorable vocalizations and startling images. I do think the title of the song may have been poorly chosen, as it brings images of a wave of water, not the seismic heartbeat vibration Iveta describes.

I have not yet seen a live performance, and given the nature of the song, I worry if taking Iveta off autotune may make it hard to deliver on the big stage.  But here’s hoping she will.  At any rate, the song has a unique flavor, and if her voice is able to project her seismic emotion into the hearts of Eurovision viewers worldwide, she has a good shot at the final.

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