Singer: Dami Im

Song: Sound of Silence

Performing: Second Semi-Final

Memorable Line: “Tidal waves of tears are crashing, no one here to save me drowning.”

Chances: She could just win the whole thing!

Link: Australia 2016

Rating: 9 weary brown eyes (out of 10)!


Prior to this, I had never heard of Dami Im.  Now, I’m a surefire fan!  Her powerful vocals, catchy lyrics, and distinctive sound just feel from the first time you hear them as though they were designed to win Eurovision.  Sound of Silence has it all, and I am excited to see this year’s first strong contender (at least alphabetically).

This is a song to sing in the shower, in the car while waiting for your food at the drive-thru, or while washing the dishes.  I should know, as I have done all three.  It has the feel of a Eurovision classic in the making, one to be played at Euroclubs for years to come.

The lyrics aren’t particularly deep or meaningful, and some of them don’t make a ton of sense…such as being tired of weary brown eyes.  Perhaps give them a rest so they aren’t so weary?  Yet Dami’s voice manages to break through the madness, and she delivers her powerful belt time and time again.


Perhaps the song’s only weak point is its audible similarity to well–known songs like Euphoria.  However, it’s been four years, so maybe we’re ready for another song of that genre to win the show.  Also, the end of the song feels kind of like it wasn’t thought-through; it kind of just drops off, but then again we can’t keep having a loud song about silence forever, can we?!

Anyway, I feel sure Dami will pass through to the final, and if she can deliver a stunning performance (hopefully with a different dress), she should make the top 5 for sure and perhaps steal the whole show!



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