Singer: ZOË

Song: Loin d’ici

Performing: First Semi-Final

Memorable Line: It’s in French, so I can’t really pick one out.

Chances: May qualify for the final, but won’t get into the top half

Link: Austria 2016

Rating: 7 candy-cane trees (out of 10)!



Austria is the one without the kangaroos, right?

This song is quite surprising.  First of all, if you didn’t notice, it’s in French, making it the only 100% French song in this year’s Eurovision.  That is…unexpected from German-speaking Austria.

But also unexpected is how happy and fun this song is!  I found the translation of the lyrics online, and actually, I am glad they’re in French, because if I could understand them, the song would fall in my estimation.  Rather than focusing on the sappy lyrics, I can instead focus on the upbeat, happy performance and Zoe’s infectious energy!

This song is not winning material by any means.  However, having hosted last year, I doubt Austria is eager to reclaim the trophy.  Instead they have sent something that will do well enough to avoid the embarrassment of a consecutive 0 points, but safe enough to spare them the poisoned chalice.


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