Singer: Poli Genova

Song: If Love was a Crime

Performing: Second Semi-Final

Memorable Line: “We collide like stars on the summer night”

Chances: I really hope she will qualify for the final.  It’s unlikely, but it would be a pleasant surprise!

Link: Bulgaria 2016

Rating: 7 Years out of a 10 year sentence.


Bulgaria…has had a relatively hard time at Eurovision.  They routinely fail to make it to the final, and usually this is deserved.

Poli Genova, however, is an exception.  Live, Poli brings a high level of energy and command to the stage, and this should, hopefully, offer her a chance at Eurovision redemption this year.

Now, I do need to confess that I am a bit biased here!  I have always felt that Poli was robbed in her first Eurovision attempt with “Na Inat” which absolutely should have gone on to the final!

Okay, so sometimes I am inconsistent with my criticism!  If you just read the lyrics of this song, you can tell it is poised for me to hate it.  They are exactly the type of tripe that I usually loathe, this stupid nebulous love song that has neither soul nor substance.  Yet somehow, when Poli gets going, she manages to sell it!  And while I balk at Poli’s abuse of the English subjunctive, her performance transcends grammar and makes me ignore the mundane lyrics.

The only thing I don’t really like about the song is the rather sudden switch to Bulgarian.  I love it when signers perform in their own language, and I am happy to tolerate English as well, but it is a rare case where a bit of both is a good idea.  The switch seems mindless and doesn’t elevate the song.  It’s more like being invited to dinner at a foreign friend’s house and having most of the conversation be in English, and then having your friend and his wife suddenly switch to Bulgarian to take care of something mundane.  More than that, it’s distracting!

Apart from that, though, I quite like Poli’s song.  I hope she attacks it with the same energy she brought to “Na Inat” in 2011, and I hope this time she will make the final.


  • Welcome back!