Singer: Minus One

Song: Alter Ego

Performing: First Semi-Final

Memorable Line: “You know, you know, you know, I’m still inside.”

Chances: Will qualify for the final and will take 11th place.

Link: Cyprus 2016

Rating: 7 howls at the moon (out of 10)!


Well, that’s different!  This year’s loud, rock number comes from Cyprus, and it’s actually not that bad!

Songs like this are an interesting choice for Eurovision.  While they rarely win – with one obvious exception – they seem somewhat out of their comfort zone in a crowd of ethno-ballads and light pop music.  Yet, on the other hand, standing out by means of a different music style means that they won’t need to engage in cheap antics to get votes.

I know very little about the group.  However, they look to be energetic and will probably deliver a strong and memorable performance.  Their sound is catchy, and although not exactly my favorite song of the show, I certainly don’t mind it!

The song lyrics make very little sense, and I am not entirely sure what they have to do with an Alter Ego.  Unless it’s really about werewolves, which is really all that I can gather!

Actually, though, odd and senseless lyrics have become par for the course for Thomas G:son songs.  And may I say, I am so over him!  However, Europe seems to be in love with him still, and his songs frequently do well, and I suspect Alter Ego is no exception.  I predict they will get the Softengine spot and finish #11 in the final.



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