Singer: Juri Pootsmann

Song: Play

Performing: Second Semi-Final

Memorable Line: “If you feel your senses disagree, bare with me bare with me.”

Chances: Top 10 finisher in the final.

Link: Estonia 2016

Rating: 8 scowls (out of 10)!


Why so serious, Juri?  Someone needs to teach this boy how to smile!  In his video (from the Estonian national final), he elects to perform with the backdrop of…three images of his scowling face.  Seriously, cheer up…it’s Eurovision!

However, Juri’s serious demeanor is really the only fault I can find with his performance.  His voice is excellent, deep and sonorous and perfectly matched to the tone of the song.  His stage presence is also captivating.

The lyrics to the song are…a little superficial.  “Just hit play, cause that’s the only way” … seriously?  Cheap rhymes, but what can you do…?  Juri pleads with us to bear with him, and I am happy to do so, because the overall tone of the song somehow makes you forget the lyrics and focus on the overall sound.  It is catchy and easy to remember, and it almost feels like it should have naked silhouettes swimming through the background in James Bond style.

I am pleased with the song and expect it to do well.  I predict another top 10 finish for Estonia this year.  Would that make him smile, do you think?

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