Singer: Sandhja

Song: Sing it Away

Performing: First Semi-Final

Memorable Line: “When heavy waters try to break you you will be singing for life.”

Chances: Will not qualify.

Link: Finland 2016

Rating: 4 horsemen (out of 10)!


This song is really not very enjoyable at all.  Everything about it feels dated.  I get serious 70s or 80s vibes from this song, and there is really very little that is memorable about it, which is saying something where Eurovision is concerned!  It is dated and dull.

The lyrics of the song are gag-worthy.  And Sandhja’s performance feels like someone asked a 5 year old to dance in front of a video camera.  Not only does she NOT sell her song, she makes me want to leave the shop and go across the street.

Whether it is the soppy lyrics, the boring music, or the utterly unremarkable and energyless performance by Sandhja, the song is one of my least favorites of the year.  While it is not memorable enough to hate, I very passively dislike it.

Finland has committed a horrible sin with this song.  From Lordi to Softengine to Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät, whether good or bad, Finland always at least delivers a memorable performance.  Bur “Sing it Away” is not memorable at all, so it is especially disappointing from a country that always surprises.

I predict this song will be sung away and forgotten in the semi finals.

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