Singer: Greta Salome

Song: Hear them Calling

Performing: First Semi-Final

Memorable Line: “Now we are coming home!”

Chances: Will qualify for the final, potential top-10 finish!

Link: Iceland 2016

Rating: 7 dancing shadows (out of 10)!


Wait a moment…did Iceland seriously decide to send The Matriarch to Eurovision?  If that were intentional, it would be the second-most amazing thing to happen at Eurovision this year (topped only by IVAN from Belarus appearing naked with a live wolf).

Matriarch edit

Putting my obscure board game reference aside, I quite like Greta’s little performance.  Greta herself is a very talented performer, even if she leaves her violin at home.  She sold her song in 2012 and she will kill it on stage in Stockholm as well.

The song itself is fine, a bit chanty, but enjoyable and ready to be dressed up and set on the stage.  Unfortunately, the electronically-enhanced performance art was done last year by Mans, and so no matter how engaging or interesting Greta’s performance is, it will feel derivative.  This may cost Greta some, which is a shame since I like her song better than Heroes.

Iceland will do well, and I predict it will qualify and perhaps break the top 10 in the final.


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