Singer: Donny Montell

Song: I’ve Been Waiting for this Night

Performing: Second Semi-Final

Memorable Line: “When I see your smile and your beautiful eyes I get lost in time.”

Chances: Hopefully won’t qualify, but somehow Lithuania often manages to do so despite sending crap.

Link: Lithuania 2016

Rating: 4 creepy tattoos (out of 10)!


I don’t even know where to start.  Of the three Baltic Boys, Donny Montell is my least favorite.   I hated him in 2012 (although he did sing “a Mormon is for you“), and I was not favorably disposed to him this time.

While Donny is a decent singer on stage, this song is just bad.  The strange video (which could easily be mistaken for a beer commercial) does not help my opinion.  Also, I sure hope those tattoos aren’t real!  Yuck!

The unfortunate thing is that this song is so catchy.  Much better than the previous two Lithuanian entries, and for some reason Europe seems to vote Lithuania into the final almost every year no matter how boring or empty their song is.

I kind of hope this won’t qualify, as there are much more deserving songs that I hope will be chosen in place of this bauble.  On the other hand, it’s catchy.  In any event, if Donny’s song does make it through to the final, I hope at least Justs and Juri will also make it through so we have the full #BalticBoys team in the final.



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