Singer: Ira Losco

Song: Walk on Water

Performing: First Semi-Final

Memorable Line: “It feels like I can walk on water…on water…on water!”

Chances: Sure to qualify, possible top 10, perhaps a dark horse to win.

Link: Malta 2016

Rating: 7 wonders (out of 10)!


After she was robbed of victory in 2002, Ira Losco is back for vengeance!  Sadly, this year’s song doesn’t fit quite so well as a board game soundtrack, but it is nevertheless a powerhouse of a song.

Also, let us pause briefly to discuss the issue of her original song for this year, Chameleon – much like one of the other individuals famous for walking on water, Ira rose from the dead by ditching that awful song!

“Walk on Water” is a strong Eurovision entry.  It has the powerful vocals, repetitive lines, large sound, and plenty of possibilities for creative and aquatic staging that every good Eurovision song needs.  I am not in LOVE with it, unfortunately, as it is a bit repetitive. In Ira’s own words, it’s “not perfect, but it’s A-okay!”

However, a chance to see Ira live on stage is worth any price, so let’s hope she brings her A-game.  I would not be disappointed if she were to win it all, although I doubt she will.


  • Welcome back!