Singer: Douwe Bob

Song: Slow Down

Performing: First Semi-Final

Memorable Line: “Guess I’m running scared, guess I’m running on empty.”

Chances: Will qualify and will do well!  Top 15 finish.

Link: Netherlands 2016

Rating: 8 speed bumps (out of 10)!


Yeeee-haaaaw!  For some reason, the Netherlands seems to be establishing itself as the Nashville of Europe.  This next entry into Eurovision’s country-canon is a welcome change from the other entries of this year.

This song has everything to recommend it.  The music is enjoyable, the style is authentic, and the lyrics are not the usual sappy nonsense that tends to plague both country music and Eurovision.  It feels like Douwe Bob is channeling his inner Common Linnet and doing so very effectively.  And while he won’t do as well as they did with their subtle and powerful song in Copenhagen, Slow Down has the potential to go far.  Hopefully he song will be staged as subtly and beautifully as Calm After the Storm.

I love almost everything about this song.  I suspect it will do well, although it is in the harder of the semi-finals, but it deserves to qualify and deserves to finish near the top of the pack!


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