Singer: Michał Szpak

Song: Color of your Life

Performing: Second Semi-Final

Memorable Line: “No one is forever beautiful and young”

Chances: Will qualify, top 10

Link: Poland 2016

Rating: 7 creepy mustaches (out of 10)!


Perhaps more than any other song this year, Poland’s has grown on me.  I remember the first time I heard it, I was very underwhelmed.  Particularly in the live version, all I remembered was the singer’s gross mustache and resemblance to Weird Al Yankovic.  I couldn’t stop laughing…

The release of the album has allowed me to listen to the song without seeing the performer, and the song has really grown on me.  The lyrics and chorus are simple, and they seem designed specifically with the object of getting stuck in my head!  And while I don’t really understand the lyrics, the is what every Eurovision song should be: memorable.

And while I don’t think this song has enough to win the show, I predict it will have enough appeal to finish very strong.

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