Singer: Ovidiu Anton

Song: Moment of Silence

Performing: Disqualified

Memorable Line: “This hate is burning my soul”

Chances: Disqualified

Link: Romania 2016

Rating: 4 shoulder pads (out of 10)!


I quite dislike this song. It feels pretentious and it’s rather dull. Ovidiu also is a very distracting performer, whether it be his facial hair or his strange use of eyeshadow, he makes me want to skip to the next song each time.
To me, the song itself is just a mess. It feels like it’s trying to say something, but it gets lost in mixed metaphors and shouting “fight for the truth” and never actually makes its point. The staging and…”choreography” do not help either. It feels more like a drinking song than something to be watched on stage, and Ovidiu is taking the song way too seriously!
On the other hand, I do feel bad about it being summarily dismissed at the last minute. The EBU handled its situation poorly, and by waiting until 2 weeks before the show to tell Romania that it can’t participate this year, the EBU has come off looking like it enjoys killing puppies or poisoning orphans.  I hope Romania can sort out its issues and get back to Eurovision next year, hopefully with something truly amazing.
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