Singer: Artsvik

Song: Fly with Me

Performing: First Semi-Final

Memorable Line: “Fly with me high oh high, with me high oh high, ”

Chances: Will qualify, but shouldn’t.

Link: Armenia 2017

Rating: 3 bizarre headpieces (out of 10).

Some people save the best for last.  I am not one of those people.

Armenia has the distinction of being the last country to release their song this year, and it totally was not worth the wait!  This song is somewhere on the low end of mediocre.  It feels pasted together and thoughtless.  There is nothing special about it, it goes on, and then it suddenly ends.  What is with songs that don’t end this year?

The lyrics are meaningless, there is a hyper-correction of “you and I” and there really is nothing memorable about the song other than that strange hairpiece.  It promises some sort of Alice in Wonderland feel, and then does not deliver at all.

Somehow this will manage to qualify because people are horrible.  But it shouldn’t.  This was a lazy effort from Armenia, a country that is usually quite impressive.

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