Singer: Nathan Trent

Song: Running on Air

Performing: Second Semi-Final

Memorable Line: You can try to put me in a box but I’ll keep doing it my own damn way!

Chances: May qualify for the final, but won’t get into the top half

Link: Austria 2017

Rating:  7 out-dated pauses for swear words (out of 10)!

This is a nice, happy, upbeat song.  While it’s not anything special, it is a pleasure to listen to.  Well done, Austria!  It’s not as charming as Zoe was, but it’s still enjoyable.

Nathan has a fine voice and an adorable on-screen presence.  Although I have not seen a live performance, only the video, he seems like the kind of singer to whom upbeat stage performances would come naturally.  Austria has some great opportunities with this song for fun staging.  For example, Nathan could be lifted into the air and sail around the stage while running – please do that!

Now, to the song itself, it is kind of a laffy-taffy style of song.  While it’s not a sappy “Love Love Peace Peace” kind of event, it is a bit void of actual substance, although still enjoyable.  I do wish Nathan felt comfortable saying the word “ass” though, as the pause where the word goes feels kind of dated – it is the kind of thing that would have been funny on I Love Lucy, but feels childish today.

I think Austria will get into the final, and I suspect they will be in the top half of the finishers. That’s probably right where they want to be, and so this is probably the perfect choice for them.

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