Singer: Dihaj

Song: Skeletons

Performing: First Semi-Final

Memorable Line: “I can only trick you once, bad boy!”

Chances: Will qualify for final, top half finish

Link: Azerbaijan 2017

Rating:  7 out of 10!

This is a very strange song.  I do not hate it, and actually it grows on me the more I listen to it.  But initially it was kind of off-putting.

First, let’s look at the lyrics.  In this department, “Skeletons” is a hot mess.  Most of the lines make absolutely no sense at all.  However, when put to music and sung with Dihaj’s haunting voice, they somehow fit.  It’s almost like an abstract painting.  I wish I loved the song, but as it is, I merely enjoy and appreciate it.

I don’t know how Dihaj is as a live performer, but I suspect she will do well.  The song quickly gets stuck in your head, and although Azerbijan has slipped a bit in the staging department in recent years, I am always hopeful they will bring something truly spectacular again someday.  Just, please, no dancing skeletons on stage!

On the whole, Skeletons is a cautious thumbs up from me, though I am not convinced it has the power to win.

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