Singer: Blanche

Song: City Lights

Performing: First Semi-Final

Memorable Line: “All alone in the danger zone”

Chances: I really hope she will qualify for the final.  I think she can, and I think she will place well (top half) in the final.

Link: Belgium 2017

Rating: 7 sodium bulbs (out of 10).


This song is kind of dark.  I hope Blanche isn’t really singing about some time when someone abandoned her is a place of peril.  Assuming she isn’t pulling from somewhere dark, I really quite like this song.

While certainly not something I could see myself singing ever, City Lights stands out in the light pollution from all the soft, slow ballads.  There is something about the odd breaks in the lines, the almost slurred quality of the lyrics, and Blanche’s fairly austere performance that makes me really like this song.  It’s almost hypnotic, and I love it for that!

Belgium has been on its game the past couple years.  I have not yet seen a live performance of this, so I can’t say what Blanche is like in life.  She seems a bit somber in the video, and I suspect that is appropriate for the song.  However, I hope it comes across well on stage and she is able to engage the audience or at least manages to sell her trance-like song to viewers, because I would love to see this in the final!



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