Singer: Kristian Kostov

Song: Beautiful Mess

Performing: Second Semi-Final

Memorable Line: “We stay in this mess, this beautiful mess tonight”

Chances: It won’t come close to qualifying.

Link: Bulgaria 2017

Rating: 2 episodes of hoarders (out of 10).

Oh no!  Bulgaria!  What are you doing?  You had a smash success last year with Poli, and you decide to follow it up with…a teenager singing a super-boring ballad?  Come on, guys!

I think the biggest problem is that “Beautiful Mess” is a terrible song for a kid to sing.  The song, from what I can glean, is a traditional sappy love love love song, and I really feel like Kristian will have real trouble owning the message.  It’s like when an obese baritone plays the role of Florestan in Fidellio – it is just out of character and it really gets in the way of the song.

Also, the video for the song is atrocious!  They couldn’t put together more than one still shot with changing lyrics?  It does not help sell the song!

What is most shocking about this song is how well it seems to be doing in the pre-contest betting odds.  I don’t see anything memorable or wonderful about this song, so I don’t know where the bookies are getting their information.  Hopefully it’s from the same polls that predicted Hillary Clinton would win the 2016 presidential election, because I just cannot imagine this song having a prayer!

Can Kristian sing?  Sure.  But the song is not something I want to listen to.  Unless the staging is out of this world, I fear he won’t make it to the final or anywhere near it.  The real problem is that the song has no real soul, and even the cutest teenage soloist in the world can’t breathe life into it.  The song is a mess, but sadly not a beautiful one!



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