Singer: Jacques Houdek

Song: My Friend

Performing: Second Semi-Final

Memorable Line: “Don’t let go, let it flow, Credi nel miracolo”

Chances: Will qualify, will do well, won’t win, but should be in the top 10.

Link: Croatia 2017

Rating: 10 white board videos (out of 10).

So when I first heard this song, I liked it, but didn’t love it.  It is happy and positive and uplifting, but felt most like a filler.  The singing is very much on point, but it is a bit cheesy and a bit too sappy and sounds a bit like a charity single.  And that video – it feels like it’s trying to sell me solar paneling or ED medication.  It started out as an underwhelming, albeit enjoyable, experience.  It sounded like a strange, dated, dual language duet…and then I learned one thing that changed everything…

The secret does not come across in the video, unfortunately…but this song, in fact, is a duet between Jacques and HIMSELF!  Both voices, both parts are sung by Jacques – Jekyll & Hyde style.  And at that point, my opinion completely switched – it went from a 6 to a 10.  It is new, innovative, exciting.  I can forgive the overwhelming positivity and really appreciate what this song is trying to do.

There are SOOO many possibilities with this song.  If Croatia is willing to invest in it and stage it properly, it can go so many places.  For example, if they have a half-and-half costume, play with camera angles, use split-face makeup, smoke, mirrors, and lights, this could go places.  Hopefully they will do more than having a giant roll of toilet paper (think Nina Badric in Baku) or some random creepy monks who rip off the singer’s dress and leave her looking like a Vegas showgirl who had an unfortunate encounter at a chicken ranch (think Nina Kraljic last year).  Put all your power behind this song, and it can really finish strong!


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