Singer: Hovig

Song: Gravity

Performing: First Semi-Final

Memorable Line: “Attached inseparably, like gravity”

Chances: Probably won’t qualify

Link: Cyprus 2017

Rating: 3 misunderstandings of how gravity works (out of 10).


The song is catchy, I will give it that.  However, the lyrics are a total disaster.  Does the songwriter understand what gravity is?  It is not typically understood as something that will “raise you up ’til you touch the sky” or catches you when you fall.  I really can’t get past that.  I was lamenting about what a nonsense song this was, and then I saw that the perpetrator of this cringe-worthy cheese-fest was none other than Mr. Overrated himself, Thomas G:son.  Is that man going to plague the contest every year forever?

Hovig himself is engaging and energetic.  I have nothing negative to say about him.  He seems to be selling this song like it were made of solid gold.  Ultimately, his energy will be what the song lives or dies by.  He might be able to salvage this middle-of-the-pack random song by a strong performance that connects with the audience.  And since most of the viewers probably aren’t paying attention to the words, maybe it will pull through.  However, if it makes it to the final, it does so at the expense of something more deserving, so I am hoping this one will stay behind.

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