Singer: Koit Toome & Laura

Song: Verona

Performing: Second Semi-Final

Memorable Line: “I´m not a loner kind, I know I just cant get over you”

Chances: Will not qualify.

Link: Estonia 2017

Rating: 4 romantic cliches (out of 10).


I am so sad about this song.  I usually love Estonia at Eurovision, and I really do NOT love this song.  It feels so tired, cliched, and just boring.  The singers have the chemistry of two octogenarians, and the lyrics are just bad.

Now, what to be fair, both Laura and Koit are decent singers, although Koit looks super bored on stage.  And the ooooo-oooo-ooooo vocalization is enjoyable and people might have fun singing along.  And perhaps if they can manage to make some kind of connection on stage (or at least eye contact with each other), they might connect with a couple members of the upper age band of viewers.  However, the real problem is that the song itself is as dull as can be.  Romeo and Juliet were sooooo 1595, and this song does not add any kind of modern freshness to them.

Estonia is on a bit of a slump.  I enjoyed “Play” last year, but it seems no one else did.  And now this?  The sad thing is that Estonia has plenty of good musical talent and had a good crop of songs at their national selection this year.  I feel bad, but this just is not a song with any staying power.  And while it is certainly not the worst song of the year, I doubt it will make it past the semi-finals.

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