Singer: Norma John

Song: Blackbird

Performing: First Semi-Final

Memorable Line: “You sang when he was in my bed”

Chances: Will qualify, should do fairly well – top 10 perhaps.

Link: Finland 2017

Rating: 8 maritime body disposals (out of 10).

I’m not sure what it is about this song, but I really really like it.  It reminds me of “Birds” back in 2013, soft, controlled, and a breath of fresh air.  This is actually more the formula that the Netherlands tends to use – Finland usually has something a bit more wild and memorable.  However, this more mature entry thrills me.

The song itself, both lyrically and musically, is obviously very melancholy.  It sings of loss, letting go, and heartache. However, it is also stunningly performed.  I have almost nothing negative I can say about the song, though I think this wins the award for creepiest video this year – it kind of looks like that guy killed his lover and is getting rid of the body.

This is the best Finnish song in a couple years, so I mostly hope Finland embraces it and stages it properly.  I also hope it ends up with a good running order, ideally between a couple of the louder and trashier songs of the night so it can stand out for what it is. I think this one could go far!

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