Singer: Levina

Song: Perfect Life

Performing: Auto-qualified for the Final

Memorable Line: “I’ve been walking asleep dreaming awake”

Chances: Bottom of the barrel, somewhere in the 20s.

Link: Germany 2017

Rating: 8 contradictions (out of 10).

I find this song delightful.  I’m not sure what it is about it – if I’m honest, there is nothing particularly special about it.  However, Levina is upbeat and adorable in her presentation of an otherwise middle-of-the-road number.  The lyrics are not spectacular either, but the song gets stuck in my head, and I enjoy the experience.  It’s up-beat, happy, fun, and makes me feel better about life.

I almost want to compare Levina with Lena in her presentation.  She has a similar energy (and a similar style of speech).  Maybe that’s what it is!  And while I don’t think this song has any chance of winning, I look forward to seeing whether Germany comes up with some sort of clever way to present the song.  They sometimes cheap out a bit, but we can always hope!

Germany had been hanging around the bottom of the Eurovision scoreboard.  Something about their songs just does not seem to resonate with viewers (with the obvious exception of 2010).  I’m not actually sure what is wrong.  While sometimes their songs are bland or unspectacular, they are never as bad as some of the entries that end up doing better.  Levina may fall into that same groove, unfortunately, and I do not think that is deserved.  Even if it does poorly, I quite enjoy this song.

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