Singer: Svala

Song: Paper

Performing: First Semi-Final

Memorable Line: “You cut right through, I’m stuck like glue to you”

Chances: Will qualify, middle of the road placing.

Link: Iceland 2017

Rating: 7 soggy, sticky, cut-up sheets of paper (out of 10).

Iceland’s entry this year is quite bizarre.  I have listened to it several times and watched the video, and I still have no idea what is going on.  However, I have decided that Svala is a good kind of crazy, and I actually quite enjoy this song.

I’m not sure I am ready to buy the paper simile Svala is trying to sell.  It really doesn’t make sense at all.  However, perhaps feeling like paper makes about as much sense as feeling like a plastic bag, which has been used successfully by another performer.  But despite the strangeness, “Paper” is surprisingly satisfying.  I can see myself secretly listening to it in the car for quite some time!  Svala is a fine singer, and she seems to be embracing her persona, so I’m happy for her.  This is quickly becoming one of my personal favorites, though for no explainable reason.

Iceland has had a rough couple years.  They have failed to qualify with two strong songs in the past two years, which surprises and saddens me.  I hope this year will break the trend.  I hope Svala is able to come up with something truly exceptional and memorable on the stage, and I hope she’s able to connect with viewers and push herself over the line.  I predict she will do respectably well in the final, and deservedly so.


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