Singer: IMRI

Song: I Feel Alive

Performing: Second Semi-Final

Memorable Line: “Breaking me to pieces, I wanted you to know that”

Chances: I hope this doesn’t qualify but worry it might.

Link: Israel 2017

Rating: 3 outdoor dance parties (out of 10).


Ugh!  I am really not a fan of this song.  It reads like pointless noise.  I don’t really think it has any redeeming social importance.  The song is catchy and upbeat, so some people will have fun with it.  Butthe lyrics are nonsense, and the sound is very off-putting to me.  It doesn’t really have anything I enjoy.

Nothing against IMRI himself.  He has been at Eurovision the last 2 years in the background, so he clearly has some experience and knows what he’s doing.  However, this song doesn’t really showcase any of his talents.  It is harsh, meaningless, electronic noise that really doesn’t even require singing.

Every year there is a song like this that I just hate but which somehow manages to do well.  For example, we had Golden Boy (also from Israel) 2 years ago, and I still cannot figure out what people liked found so appealing about that song.  I worry that “I Feel Alive” might be that song this year.  I really hope it won’t qualify – the Second Semi-Final is pretty tough.  If it does, it will do so by taking the place of a superior song.

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