Singer: Claudia Faniello

Song: Breathlessly

Performing: Second Semi-Final

Memorable Line: “I wave my white flag unashamed”

Chances: I hope this qualifies, but I suspect it won’t.

Link: Malta 2017

Rating: Opportunistic stalkers (out of 10).

Something about this song speaks to me.  I can’t quite put my finger on it.  But I always find myself turning back to Claudia’s sad, watchful ballad.  It’s subtle, soft, and it somehow fills a vacancy within my heart.

One criticism, though – the song doesn’t really have an ending – it just kind of drops off suddenly.  I wish there were something more to top it off.  Also, the lyrics unfortunately sound like Claudia might be a bit of a stalker, waiting for a relationship to fail so she can sweep in.  However, she is a powerful singer and will certainly be able to sell this slightly creepy message live.  Something about the way she sings will connect with viewers and juries (hopefully).

Any Eurovision follower will be familiar with Claudia’s 2-time Eurovision alumnus brother Fabrizio.  I definitely think Claudia is the better performer, though!  And although Malta is sometimes hit-and-miss at Eurovision, they usually do a pretty good job staging their number.

If this one is set correctly, I think it could be a surprise and a pleasant break from all the trashy electronic music that seems to be a staple this year.  Also, it is set between Romania and Macedonia, which will highlight its differences.  Even despite that, though, I worry I might be the only person who is totally in love with this song, and it may have a hard time qualifying.  But I’ll be holding my breath in anticipation, hoping that it will.

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