Singer: Kasia Mos

Song: Flashlight

Performing: First Semi-Final

Memorable Line: “It’s like a flashlight burning in our eyes”

Chances: Will qualify, middle of the pack in the final.

Link: Poland 2017

Rating: 6 bird shadows on a naked body (out of 10).

I’m not sure what to make of this song.  On one hand, I quite enjoy it, but it has such a strange, dark feel to it.  It is not really one I ever want to listen to – I never seek it out.  However, when it comes up, I am always satisfied.  It also has some pretty strange lyrics, and I’m not really sure what the flashlight has to do with anything.

Kaisa is certainly a strong singer, though I am not sure this is her best song.  It feels like it features her backup singers and the orchestra more than Kaisa herself.  Her big vocal moment is somewhat masked by the backgrount.  Also, the end of the song is kind of sudden.  However, it seems Kaisa is at least not afraid to do something a little bit strange on stage, and this makes me excited.  For example, maybe she will bring her puppy!  

On the whole, I think this will be a strong performance for Poland.  I think Kaisa will connect with the audience, and I think she will make it to the final.  While I don’t think this will win or even finish in the top 10, it will be an interesting presence in the final.


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