Singer: Julia Samoylova

Song: Flame is Burning

Performing: Withdrawn

Memorable Line: “All my life I’m searching for the meaning”

Chances: Will not perform.

Link: Russia 2017

Rating: 4 controversies (out of 10).

I feel bad for Julia.  The problem with her participation is that no one will remember anything other than the controversy surrounding whether she will be allowed to enter Ukraine to perform.  At this point, it sounds like Russia has formally withdrawn, and Julia has become more of a showpiece than a singer.

That out of the way, let’s look at the song.  I don’t really like it.  It is dull, bland, and lacks any kind of sparkle.  I don’t know much about Julia, but based on this song alone, I do not think she is even a very good singer.  Her voice come across as whiny and droning, and her accent is quite strong.  The lyrics are the same typical syrupy mush, and there is really nothing special or memorable about the song itself.  I am really not a fan.

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