Singer: Omar Naber

Song: On my Way

Performing: First Semi-Final

Memorable Line: “World is calling out tonight telling me I’ll be alright”

Chances: Probably won’t qualify.

Link: Slovenia 2017

Rating: 5 personal journeys (out of 10).


I understand that the song is about a personal journey.  I understand that Omar seems to have found hope or light or acceptance on his path.  I am fine with that and I am happy for him.  But the song is just too by-the-numbers and uninteresting for me to want to go on that journey with him.

On stage, Omar has no charm or charisma.  He sings fine, but he doesn’t seem passionate about what is supposed to be his own life journey.  The performance is static and ultimately unmoving, which is exactly what a journey of self-discovery can’t be.  I ultimately enjoy the song more without seeing the performance.

The real problem with the song is that no one will have strong reactions to it, and this makes it the weakest of the ex-Yugo songs this year.  And although it is in the easier of the two semi-finals, I just can’t see anyone really voting for it.  Unfortunately for Omar, he is not on his way to the final.

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