Singer: Manel Navarro

Song: Do it for Your Lover

Performing: Autoqualifier for the final

Memorable Line: “Do it for those you ever care and love”

Chances: Bottom half.

Link: Spain 2017

Rating: 4 (probably unsatisfied) lovers (out of 10).

Spain’s song this year is the equivalent of cotton candy: sometimes it looks tasty and inviting, but on the whole it leaves you feeling at best unsatisfied, and at worst feeling some combination of sticky and guilty!

“Do it for Your Lover” is a happy, upbeat, and ultimately pointless song.  Manel himself is energetic and adorable and seems to be having a good time.  And the song is a fine diversion for about 1 of the 3 minutes it lasts.  However, it quickly becomes unbearably repetitive and monotonous, with “do it for your lover” on repeat.  Even with Manel’s interesting  grammar in the English portion of the song, his jumping around on stage, and using his microphone like a drumstick, he can’t spin straw into gold.  And without any real soul, the song falls apart.

While I doubt anyone will have a strong aversion to this song, it will ultimately be forgotten very quickly.  I doubt it will resonate with viewers or with juries, and I suspect it will finish in the lower teens.


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