Singer: Robin Bengtsson

Song: I Can’t Go On

Performing: First Semi-Final

Memorable Line: “I wanna take of all my clothes.”

Chances: Will qualify, will finish in the top 10, unfortunately.

Link: Sweden 2017

Rating: 4 creepy lip licks (out of 10).

I really do not like this song.  Sweden had so many good possibilities this year, yet they went with a sleazy Justin Timberlake knockoff singing a horrible song that is both gross and dated.  I really do not understand people’s taste sometimes.

Everything about this singer and the performance gets under my skin.  Whether it’s Robin’s creepy stalker vibe or the blatant sexualization of the object of his affections in the the lyrics.  I don’t understand why it starts in a warehouse, I don’t like the way his tie cuts off instead of being pointed.  I was so disappointed that they went with this one.

Sure, Robin delivers a strong performance, and Sweden always does really well at Eurovision.  We also pretty much know exactly what to expect in Kiev, since the Eurovision performance rarely varies from the Melodiefestivalen version in any significant way.  However, I am not excited about this song at all.  I don’t think it will win, but I wish it would stay behind in the semis, though there is no realistic chance of that.


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