Singer: Timebelle

Song: Apollo

Performing: Second Semi-Final

Memorable Line: “Like a bullet in my chest”

Chances: Will qualify, probably top half finish.

Link: Switzerland 2017

Rating: 7 strange similes (out of 10).


Let’s start out with what I like.  The lead singer has a great voice, the song is super catchy and gets stuck in your head, and the performance (while perhaps a little too calm) is decent.  I like the song, actually.

And then let’s move on to what I don’t like.  These lyrics are all over the place.  Sometimes I wonder who writes these things!  It really feels like they went for the sounds of words and did not pay any attention to the meanings at all.  It makes me just a little crazy!

Putting that aside, though, it is one of the stronger songs Switzerland has put out in recent years.  This is certainly better than the lady last year wearing a see-through skirt who had smoke coming out of her bra.  The song will probably sit well with viewers.  If the producers decide to get behind this song and do something memorable with the staging, I think this should be able to stand out and make the final.  It certainly won’t win, but it should be able to manage to finish in the top half of the pack.

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