Singer: O.Torvald

Song: Time

Performing: Final Auto-Qualifier

Memorable Line: “Time to look, time to see”

Chances: Probably won’t do so well – Somewhere in the 20s.

Link: Ukraine 2017

Rating: 2 ticking clocks (out of 10).

Ukraine is usually a strong competitor; they usually send something memorable, catchy, and likable.  The only exception to this seems to be when they are hosting the contest.  In 2005 we had the awful GreenJolly, and this year they decided to keep the tradition going with O.Torvald.  There is really nothing positive I can say about this song.  So, let’s say some negative things!

First of all, “Time” – again?  How many entries with that boring title will we see at Eurovision.  Time seems to be the new Shine!  Second, the staging is as off-putting as can be.  Men with counters on their chests standing on what looks like piles of trash?  Also, why aren’t their counters synchronized?  It just is not engaging at all.  And then the lyrics – nothing really makes any sense – there seems to be no real connection.  It feels like someone just decided to throw words at the wall and see what would stick.

I am not a huge fan of this style of music anyway, but when done well, I can appreciate the performance.  But this time it is not done well.  The singing is whiny and grating, the end of the song is kind of a sudden drop off, the singers look and sound bored.

Ukraine must have been surprised by their win last year.  Certainly they have had some bumps in the road in terms of how to organize the show this time.  And perhaps their selection of this miserable, monotonous number is their way of making sure they don’t have to do it again next year.  Perhaps the rest of us should be thanking them for that.  Unfortunately, their gesture comes at the expense of their performers, who will probably place poorly, and at the expense of the viewers, because it produces a substantially weaker lineup.  It’s time for this number to be forgotten!


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