It’s been two years since I last created a Top 100 list. Because I have played lots of games since that time, I thought it might be fun to create a new, updated list.


First off, I thought it might be interesting to discuss the process I went through to create the list.

The first step was to list about 200 games I really like. I did this by looking around online and looking at my collection. This process weeded out games that are just okay from games I love. I then took this top 200 list and slowly went through it game by game, comparing the games and deciding which would stay on the top 100 list. At this point, the games were not ranked at all.

Following this, I went through the process of ranking the games. First I did a top-half/bottom-half sort, picking which games I liked most among the 100 games. I then broke the games out in five blocks of 20 and compared the games in each block. I then sorted games within the blocks by rank.

This was not an exact science by any means, and several times I remembered a game later and needed to find a place for it. Some games moved ranks and even fell off the list.

How did I rank the games, then? I considered a number of factors. Obviously fun and how much I enjoy the game were the most important aspects. However, I also took into account whether I actually ever get to play the game. Some games that I really like (for example Le Havre and Here I Stand) fell a bit in the rankings solely because no one ever wants to play them with me.

In the process, I did not look at my top 100 list from two years ago, so I would not be influenced. However, after preparing the list, I compared the lists. At the end of the presentation, I will compare the two, including some honorable mentions for games that have fallen off the list.

I hope you will enjoy reading this discussion. Perhaps it will help you rediscover an old favorite or maybe you will see something new to try. Anyway, it was fun creating this, so let’s go!

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