Day 16 – November 16, 2018


Discovery of Fire!



I made a discovery – something revolutionary that will change the way the whole world functions.  My discovery has a name: apple cider vinegar!


On Monday, I was feeling a bit rebellious, so I went to target and looked at my favorite kinds of candy.  Yes, I just looked – I guess technically I also considered buying them and eating them, but that’s all that happened.  But then I remembered that apple cider vinegar is something that is generally allowed on my diet, so I bought some.


I went home and cooked some potatoes and poured some over the top, and it was pretty tasty.  But then I got the idea to cut up some potatoes and soak them in the vinegar over night.  The next evening, I poured those potatoes, along with the unabsorbed vinegar, into a pan and let them simmer.  As a special treat, I topped them with nutritional yeast and a little black pepper.  Then I sat down with my creation and I was blown away.  This was the tastiest thing I had ever eaten!


I’m sure that’s not actually a true statement, but it certainly was the tastiest thing I had eaten in the past two weeks.  The potatoes were so sour they were almost spicy, and the yeast added an indescribable flavor.  I was just shocked with how tasty they were.


The next day, Wednesday, I improved upon them a bit – instead of soaking them overnight, I cooked them straight in a vinegar and water mixture, covered and a little above the boiling point, for about 30 minutes – then added yeast topping.  It was even better!  I ate until I couldn’t hold anymore!


Wednesday was supposed to be the last day of the Potato Famine phase of my diet, but on Thursday I learned the peril of a yeast-heavy diet.  Inside the warmth of my body, I think those yeast began fermenting and producing lots of gas (which for some reason smelled like a swimming pool).  I was more flatulent than I have ever been in my life yesterday, and I felt like the Hindenburg all day.  This also meant I wasn’t hungry, and since I am trying not to eat unless I’m actually hungry, I just decided to keep it a fast day yesterday.


However, tonight I am ready to try corn!  I’m going to go to the store on the way home and get some, and I can’t wait to try it.


The numbers are looking good.  I did go up by .2 pounds yesterday, but I think this is a product of all the gas.  Also, I still am not having very frequent bowel movements, so lots of what I eat is staying inside – my body seems to be saving it all up to get rid of at once.  Not that I mind that, it’s much more convenient, but it’s also a bit odd.  In the next phase of the diet, though, I can start using Tabasco sauce, and I suspect that may move things along a little bit.


Date November 8, 2018 November 9, 2018 November 10, 2018 November 11, 2018
Day 13 14 15 16
Weight 273 272.4 272.6 271.6
To Go 73 72.4 72.8 71.6
Body Fat 34.2% 34.1% 34.1% 33.9%
Muscle Mass 32.8% 32.8% 32.8% 32.8%
Water Weight 49.2% 49.3% 49.3% 49.4%
BMI 35.1 35 35 34.9
Blood Pressure Not measured Not measured Not measured Not measured
Pulse Not measured Not measured Not measured Not measured
Girth Not measured Not measured Not measured Not measured


It looks like I am almost at 30 pounds lost since I started.  Not bad for 2 weeks – I am as thrilled as can be.  I don’t think it will continue to go as fast in the future though – my average weight lost per day was is slowly tapering off, but that’s okay too.  I gave myself 6 months, so I can’t expect it all to go away in 2 weeks!


I bought the Eat to Live cookbook.  I think part of my adventure in the coming weeks will be trying all the recipes there.  They look fairly easy, and they’re all veggie based, so they should be in line with the diet.  That is going to be an adjustment for me.  Also, starting yesterday, I am only supposed to be eating in a 5 hour window.  I am thinking it will probably be the evening, since that’s when I get home and will have time to cook.  It’s okay, though, as I have been preparing myself for that by trying to limit my daytime eating and focus on getting my body ready to eat in the evening.


I find I have very little temptation to snack these days.  Mostly it’s because the only permissible snack has been a potato, which just is never what I’m in the mood for when I want a snack.  Hopefully the next phase of the diet, when I can have other vegetables, will bring a bit more enjoyment than plain potatoes, though.  However, I really did love discovering the magic of vinegary, yeasty potatoes the other day!


Turning to the Scriptures, I have been reading Alma 44-46.  These chapters are always a little hard for me, as they are more historical than spiritual.  In fact, the rest of Alma, the War Chapters, are probably the part of the Book of Mormon I like the least, as I am not sure there is that much to feast on spiritually.  That’s fine, not all scripture is created equally, and I know some people who love this part.  But I feel blessed to know that by reading and studying the scriptures each day, I get some level of insight and spiritual endowment.  I don’t have anything special to report, other than that.

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