Day 33 – December 3, 2018


Every Day is Fast Sunday!


I’m back after a week.  Nothing really noteworthy to report.  I was pretty good this last week, though I cheated a little bit on Wednesday.  I was at a client’s office and they bought me lunch – a taco salad.  It had some beef and some dressing, but I decided just to eat it anyway.  It was tasty, but technically not on the diet.  However, I didn’t have any snacks or treats at the airport, so it probably evened out.


The current state of the diet is that I am on a 5 hour “fed window” program.  Basically, I can as much as I want between 3:00 and 8:00 p.m. and then nothing else.  Of course, what I can eat has to be on the diet program, but I am starting to get used to it.  I usually come home at around 5:30, eat some of my tasty vegetarian chili, and then don’t eat again until the next day.  This has resulted in essentially a 24 hour fast between meals so now every day is fast Sunday!  Yet ironically, when fasting on Fast Sunday I still feel it, whereas just regular dieting days I hardly notice it at all.


When I have described this to others, they always ask how I can manage it.  But by now, I am used to it.  I get mentally hungry from time to time, but my body really only craves food during the window.  And I eat plenty, many times two big bowls of the chili.  Unfortunately, I made the mistake of watching the new season of the British Baking Show this weekend, and that didn’t help the cravings.  However, I satisfied them by eating more of my chili, or later on by cooking some onions and mushrooms and eating those.


My high water mark weight was 305 pounds, and today I clocked in at just over 265.  That means I am down 40 pounds.  I am really quite thrilled!  Unfortunately, I have noticed my day-to-day weight loss is lower these days.  In the beginning it was as much as 2 pounds per day, but lately it’s about a half a pound per day.  I guess that’s to be expected.

But looking at the pictures, I can now see a big difference.  I am super happy!

Here are the numbers for the last week:



Date November 27, 2018 November 28, 2018 November 29, 2018 November 30, 2018 December 1, 2018 December 2, 2018 December 3, 2018
Day 27 28 29 30 31 32 33
Weight 272 270.2 270 269.2 266.8 266.4 265.6
To Go 72 70.2 70 69.2 66.8 66.4 65.5
Body Fat 33.6% 33.2% 33.2% 33% 32.6% 32.7% 32.5%
Muscle Mass 33% 33.2% 33.3% 33.4% 33.6% 33.6% 33.7%
Water Weight 49.6% 49.8% 49.9% 50.1% 50.4% 50.3% 50.5%
BMI 34.9 34.7 34.7 34.6 34.3 34.2 34.1



In the Scriptures, I have finished Alma and am into Helaman.  Again, it’s mostly war chapters, though I did make it to Helaman 5.  One thing I noticed this time was the phenomenal success that Nephi and Lehi had in their conversion efforts.  While the standout moment is when they are encircled by fire and have that phenomenal manifestation to the Lamanites, earlier we see something particular – they have success with the Nephite dissenters.  They persuade several dissenters to repent and return to the church, and these dissenters go home to correct the wrongs they had done.  This is perhaps greater success than Alma or the Sons of Mosiah had – they had only very limited success among dissenters.  The record has panned out by this point and we do not get the in-depth summary of the missions of Nephi and Lehi that we did with Alma and his friends, but there must have been something special about these two.



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