Day 12 – November 12, 2018


I say potato…


I am in the home stretch!  Today and tomorrow, and then I can loosen the restrictions a little bit.


I haven’t posted for a few days, mostly because I have not really had anything to report. The diet is going well, though I remain tempted by all manner of things.


At some moments, I am ready to call the whole thing off.  One of these was Saturday.  I had a game day with some friends, and we went to Cheeseburger Bobby’s for dinner.  I love hamburgers, and the things my friends ordered sure looked tasty.  However, I sat there and happily ate my potatoes out of a ziplock bag.  I dipped them in some vinegar for just a little extra flavor.  It was hard mentally, but physically I was just fine.

I am not enjoying the contrast showers, though.   A contrast shower consists of 10 seconds hot water, followed by 20 seconds cold water.  This repeats for 5 minutes.  It is really not much fun.  However, the most unpleasant part is not the cold water, it is that I have to spend the whole time counting so I know when to switch.  That makes showering into a chore.  Normally, I use my shower time to ponder all kinds of things, but now it is just an exercise of timing.  It stretches 5 minutes into an eternity and it really is too mentally exhausting for me.  That’s how I always felt about going to the gym – while physically challenging, the real problem was that it was too exhausting mentally because all I could focus on was the time and pace.  I think I might have to discontinue the contrast showers.


Yesterday after church, I was very sleepy.  On Saturday I had started off the day with an early trip to the temple.  I have a shift there the second Saturday of the month, and I woke up at 5:00 to make sure I arrived on time.  Combining that with a late night on Saturday, plus getting up in time for church on Sunday, I was ready for a nap.  So I slept pretty much from 2:00 to 5:00.  I usually hate naps, but it felt good.  Unfortunately, that meant I had trouble falling asleep, so I took a sleeping pill.  I hate sleeping pills because I wake up groggy the next morning, and today is no exception.  Magic comes with a price, I guess!


Anyway, I still feel great, and I am pleased with the weight loss.  I am not sure it’s noticeable yet, but hopefully it will be soon.


Date November 8, 2018 November 9, 2018 November 10, 2018 November 11, 2018 November 12, 2018
Day 8 9 10 11 12
Weight 279.8 278.6 278 275.4 274.2
To Go 79.8 78.6 78 75.4 74.2
Body Fat 35.3% 35% 34.8% 34.6% 34.3%
Muscle Mass 32.1% 32.3% 32.4% 32.6% 32.7%
Water Weight 48.3% 48.5% 48.7% 48.9% 49.1%
BMI 35.9 35.8 35.7 35.4 35.2
Blood Pressure Not measured Not measured Not measured Not measured Not measured
Pulse Not measured Not measured Not measured Not measured Not measured
Girth 49.5” 49.5” 49.5” 49.5” 49.5”


Looking at these numbers, I can see I have reached 25% of my goal!  I never thought it would go this fast.  When I started, I was thinking I would be happy if I could get to 1 pound lost per day.  So getting to 25 pounds in less than 2 weeks is exhilarating.   The daily weigh-ins help keep me motivated.  Each morning when I get out of bed, I am excited to step straight on the scale.


Also, looking at those numbers, you will see I have not been measuring my blood pressure or pulse.  The reason for that is simple: I bought a new blood pressure cuff, but I left it downstairs, and all my other measuring tools are upstairs in my bathroom.  I just need to remember to bring it up, and then I will be back to measuring BP and pulse.  At moments when I am tempted, I keep this miraculous


Scripture reading will be a short segment this time.  Because I was at the temple, I got a lot of scripture reading done.  I read Alma 38-43.  This contains Alma’s parting words to Corianton, as well as an introduction to Moroni and the war chapters.  However, I don’t really have time to write much.


The one thing I would mention is that I believe Alma’s time with Corianton was productive.  The first two verses of Alma 43 contain really the only reference to this until the end of the book of Alma, but it says his sons went forth, preached the word, and preached by prophecy and revelation, consistent with the holy order to which they were called.  Alma knew his son’s potential, and he also knew where the path of wickedness would lead, because he had been there before.  There is no way to read Alma’s words to his son without understanding that Alma must have spent a good deal of time praying to the Lord for revelation on what to say to him.  And the words hit home, and Alma helped his son correct his course.


I remember a time in my life when I was about 14 when my mother said something to me that helped me correct my course.  I was doing stupid kid stuff.  There was a video where all the prophets of the church were bearing their testimonies (including some really old ones, who were doing so by old phonograph records).  In retrospect, it’s a pretty cool video, but the teenage me was trying to make people laugh and making some unkind comments about the physical appearance of the prophets.  My mother took me aside and reminded me that I was better than that, and I was not living up to my potential when I did things like that.  While I am sure it was just a piece of regular parenting for her, the words struck deep, and it represented a turning point in my spiritual journey.


What I get from Alma’s words to Corianton and their miraculous effect is that when we speak in love and as moved by the Spirit, we can speak the Lord’s words and change the lives of those who will hear us.


Anyhow, that’s all for today.  I am looking forward to later this week when I can add something other than plain potatoes to my diet, but for now, I am happy and feeling great.

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