Day 6 – November 6, 2018


No peeking!


Yesterday I had some interesting experiences.  For the first time, I became horribly, ravenously hungry.  It was about 1:00 and I was at the office.  So I went and got my potato slices and ate about 3 of them.  I immediately felt full.  I also had a Zipfizz, which I have decided to allow in order to make sure I am getting enough vitamins.  After that, I felt fantastic, so no cause for alarm.


I also did something bad – I weighed myself after work.  In the morning weigh-in, I was 284.4, but in the evening I was 285.  It was a little discouraging, unfortunately.  I guess it’s natural, after a day of eating potatoes and drinking lots of water, I would have gone up a little.  However, it reinforced my prior decision only to weigh-in in the morning.  That way, I am getting a constant reading.


However, this morning I was back on track, so all is well.  However, I am going to be really firm about the no peeking rule.  A bit of progress in the morning is so encouraging, and I don’t want to become discouraged by an inconsistent reading and become tempted to raid the Sunday school candy!


Other than that, yesterday was pretty routine.  If I’m honest, I only notice a difference on the scale.  I am not sure where the weight is coming from.  I hope after a couple weeks I will be able to see some difference as well.  I continue to take pictures in the morning, but even looking at those I don’t see much.


Here are the statistics from this morning’s weigh-in:


Date November 6, 2018
Day 6
Weight 282.6
To Go 82.6
Body Fat 35.7%
Muscle Mass 31.9%
Water Weight 48%
BMI 36.3
Blood Pressure 105/89
Pulse 112 bpm
Girth 50”


Since blood pressure continues to erratic, I decided to try a more sophisticated device.  I have been using a wrist cuff, but I ordered an arm cuff that syncs with an app.  It’s made by the same company who made my scale.  I hope it will be more accurate, and I hope to see some consistency in the readings over time.


For scriptures, I Alma 32 yesterday.  This is one of the classic chapters, and while everyone knows it is about faith, this time I was struck by the way Alma describes knowledge.  In verse 34, Alma describes that, after the initial experiment to try to believe yields results, after we see the seed of faith begin to grow, our knowledge about that thing can become perfect.  After we practice a doctrine, test the Lord by seeking personal revelation, and experiment upon the word, after we receive a quiet witness, we have perfect knowledge.  It does not matter if our faith in all the Lord’s plans and doctrines is completely perfect and whole – Alma teaches that it is possible to have piecemeal perfection as our faith progresses to fullness.

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