It’s day 2, which of course means the third day of my diet.


Yesterday, I was not hungry in the morning, same thing today.  However, I took 3 potatoes in a ziplock bag to the office and put them in the fridge, just in case I need a snack.


I am feeling fine.  Mostly, the biggest struggle is temptation.  I love candy and fatty foods, and my brain has developed some bad habits over the years – it cries out for something sweet, but I am holding firm.


Last night for dinner I ate one of the leftover potatoes from the day before.  I had baked these in the oven, but they were kind of burned, so unfortunately part of the potato was inedible.  However, a friend suggested I use the air fryer to make “fries” so I tried it.  I cut 2 russet potatoes into strips and threw them in the air fryer (with no oil or seasoning – just the potatoes).  They were okay – certainly not the tastiest thing ever, but also not terrible.


I am technically allowed to eat as many potatoes as I want during this 2 week period.  However, I find that 3 is kind of my limit at one sitting.  I am not sure that 3 potatoes a day is a great idea, so I may have to force myself to eat a second meal (of potatoes) to make sure I am not starving myself.


I find that plain potatoes aren’t as bad as I thought they would be.  They have a flavor of their own, and it’s not unpleasant.  However, I will be excited once the two weeks are over and I can use mild seasonings like pepper or nutritional yeast.


Looking at the weight tracker, I like what I see!  However, again, the normal changes in my weight could also account for this, so I am not going to get too excited yet.


Date November 2, 2018
Day 2
Weight 290.2
To Go 90.2
Body Fat 36.9%
Muscle Mass 31.2%
Water Weight 47%
BMI 37.3
Blood Pressure 106/72
Pulse 108 bpm
Girth 51½”


One thing I am seeing in the numbers is a pretty wide shift in blood pressure.  I wonder if it is just because I’m using a very cheap monitoring device.  I don’t feel any different, but I want to pay attention, as it looks kind of low today.  If it continues to be all over the place, I might have to upgrade.


For Scripture reading, yesterday I read Alma 29.  This is where Alma wishes he were an angel and delights in the success he and his friends have had in spreading the gospel.  This is an odd chapter and it is kind of out of place and has no narrative introduction.  However, it is an interesting insight into the mind and soul of a man who has known both wickedness and righteousness.  It shows us that, once someone is truly converted and freed from sin, his greatest desire is to share this feeling with those around him.


It is also interesting in its timing – in the next chapter, Alma will run into Korihor. And soon he will have his mission to the Zoramites.  This chapter helps us understand Alma’s motivations, and it could add some insight into the way he reacts with each of those situations.

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