Yesterday started out fairly routine.  However, I wasn’t really hungry at work, so I didn’t actually eat anything during the day.  I had an appointment at the temple and, as always, was anticipating horrible traffic, so I planned to eat some potatoes while driving.  I also planned to stop at Costco before the temple and buy some gas, some cans of carbonated water, and some more potatoes.


However, time got away from me and I found myself rushing to the car.  In my haste, I forgot my potatoes in the fridge at the office.  By the time I got to Sandy Springs, I was very lightheaded.  I felt extremely dizzy and disoriented in Costco, and I figured it was my body screaming at me that it was time to eat.  I was unprepared, though, so I had to make some fast decisions.  I contemplated the usual Costco staples: a hot dog, ice cream, a piece of pizza…each of those seemed somewhat incompatible with my diet.  After all, they are not potatoes!  But then I saw my solution…


In the potato section at Costco, there are your normal potatoes in large 15 pound bags.  But there are also small, organic, pre-washed, extra expensive potatoes in a resealable bag.  The small 5 lb bag of fancy hippy potatoes costs more than the giant 15 lb bag of regular potatoes, but I was a bit desperate, so I bought them too.  Then, when I got back to my car, I got out one of the lightly-flavored carbonated waters, opened the bag of hippy potatoes, and ate some raw potatoes.  Yes, they were completely raw, and boy were they yucky!

The bag contains both gold potatoes and red potatoes, so I started with one of each.  Gold potatoes are currently my favorite kind (when cooked) and of the two, they were certainly the best raw.  They taste kind of like dirt.  But the red potato was awful.  It was extremely bitter and soil-flavored, almost like eating a dirty radish.  I got it down, somehow, then ate a couple more gold potatoes just to wash the taste out of my mouth.


The moral of the story is that I need to be prepared.  While I’m on the crazy, potato only part of the diet, I need to make sure I always have something with me in case of an emergency.  I can go raw in an emergency, obviously, but I sure don’t want to!


Anyway, on to the statistics:


Date November 7, 2018
Day 7
Weight 281
To Go 81
Body Fat 35.67%
Muscle Mass 32%
Water Weight 48.1%
BMI 36.1
Blood Pressure 109/72
Pulse 106 bpm
Girth 50”


On to scripture reading.  As I mentioned, I was at the temple.  While I love the temple, there is a lot of sitting around and waiting for things to start, and most of it happens in silence.  This makes a great environment for scripture reading, so I read Alma 33-36.


My first thoughts are that I love how Alma and then Amulek follow up Alma’s sermon on faith by expounding what faith need.  Alma highlights that true faith must be centered around Jesus Christ, and Amulek points out the next steps: prayer, repentance, humility, and righteous living in preparation to meet God.   While not an innovative message, it is wonderful to see how these core gospel principles are reinforced throughout the scriptures, and how these two good friends support each other in their teaching and testifying.


I was also impressed with Alma’s words to Helaman.  Alma knows that his time on earth is almost done, and he wants to prepare each of his three sons to carry on without him.  He selects an individual message for each of them, and his discussions with Helaman start with a recitation of Alma’s own conversion experience.  While Helaman had doubtless heard of it, this is perhaps the first time his father sits down with him and tells him exactly what he went through.


We will see in the coming chapters that Helaman’s role as spiritual leader of the people will be very different from Alma’s.  Alma was primarily a religious leader and a preacher – he spends most of his days traveling around and teaching his people directly.  However, Helaman will end up being a wartime leader with a more involved military function.  Additionally, the main spiritual leader of Helaman’s day will end up being Moroni, not Helaman.  Instead, Helaman will lead an army and keep the records.  Since he will not be teaching as much, he will not have the same opportunity to let his testimony grow, so Alma is giving him a firm foundation by recounting a powerful and personal story of a time when he strayed and was called back to the path by the voice of an angel.

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